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Black Hawk County Local Homeless Coordinating Board
Minutes for February 26, 2018 Meeting
Minutes for October 30, 2017 Meeting

Minutes for April 24, 2017 Meeting

Minutes for February 27, 2017 Meeting
Minutes for December 12, 2016 Meeting

Special Needs Committee April 5, 2017, 2:00 p.m.
Special Needs Committee May 10, 2017, 1:30 p.m.

Outreach Services
If you are homeless in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area and are looking for medical services, meals, or shelter, contact Al Ausili, Outreach Worker at People’s Community Health Clinic. Al will help you connect with services available in the community (such as meal programs, and shelter) and medical services at Peoples Community Health Clinic. If you are an existing patient, the clinic number should be used if you need medical care night and weekends. If you have emergency medical needs, go to the Emergency Room. Medicaid and Medicare may be used at the clinic, and patients who qualify as homeless are seen at no charge if seen at Peoples Clinic.

Local Homeless Coordinating Board
The Black Hawk County Local Homeless Coordinating Board meets six times a year at Operation Threshold in Waterloo. The board meetings are open to anyone interested in attending. We especially want homeless or formerly homeless to join us. The board meets bi-monthly to share issues and concerns regarding homelessness, preventing homelessness and services available in the community.

Contact Information:
Al Ausili, Outreach Worker 
People's Community Health Clinic
905 Franklin Street Waterloo, IA 50703 
Phone: (319) 272-4300 
Email: homeless@peoples-clinic.com

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