Waterloo Fire Rescue Jobs

Waterloo Fire Rescue (WFR) will be conducting a hiring process for the position of firefighter in 2019. For those interested in joining our team of dedicated professionals, we ask that you sign up using our interest form, by which we will be able to disseminate important information regarding the hiring process, testing dates, and requirements.

Eligibility Requirements Include:
  • At least 18 years old
  • high school diploma/ GED
  • Legally eligible to work in the US
In recent hiring processes, preference has been given to those who have served in the US military and (or) those with a Paramedic certification. Minority, female, and disabled individuals are encouraged to apply.


The testing process consists of three initial stages: a written exam, a physical agility test, and an oral interview with a panel of officers, paramedics, engineers, and (or) firefighters. A list of top candidates is constructed by accumulated point totals from the three phases of testing. If an applicant is among the top candidates, a Chief's interview (comprising the highest ranking staff) is conducted. Once an offer is accepted by the applicant, medical and psychological examinations are conducted prior to the first day of the assignment.

Written Test date will be announced when available.

The written test is a civil service general aptitude test. 

Physical agility test date will be announced when available.

The physical agility test is rigorous, demanding both aerobic and strength conditioning. The first segment of the physical test is a continuous circuit of five tasks: (a) stairclimb with highrise bundle; (b) rope hoist of a donut roll of hose; (c) simulated forced entry; (d) advance of charged hose; and (e) a simulated victim drag. In order to pass, an applicant must work without pause for the entire 15 minute period while completing at least 1.5 circuits. The second segment of the physical test involves climbing an aerial ladder to 75 feet above the ground as well as crawling through a confined space that is 13 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. Both segments are performed in helmet, turnouts, and SCBA harness. Posted below is a video demonstration of the first segment of the agility test.