About WCTV

Waterloo Public Access Television exists to increase citizen participation in local government by providing citizens the ability to create and distribute video content to the community through the cable television system.  The department also records and broadcasts weekly City Council meetings, monthly Planning, Programming & Zoning Commission Meetings, and monthly Board of Adjustments Meetings. 

The first Cable Television Production Coordinator was hired in March 1998, with the first Public Access Studio located in two rooms at the Public Library.  In July 2001, the Public Access Studio was expanded and relocated to its current location at Waterloo City Hall.  

We have a fully equipped television studio with three High Definition Panasonic 4K television cameras, a HD switcher with a character generator and mixing board for studio productions and live broadcasts, field equipment available for checkout, and an array of DVD playback decks for the broadcasting of sponsored programs.

WCTV Staff
Department Head: Chris Youngblut, MIS Department  
Cable TV Production Coordinator: Edward Stoffer
Production Assistant: Marc Cashman

Telecommunications Commission
The City of Waterloo Telecommunications Commission consists of seven citizens of Waterloo appointed by the Mayor to observe the operations of cable television operators and make recommendations to the city council.  The Commission also reviews and evaluates all programming provided by cable television operators. 

Current members of the Commission are:                                         Public Access Studio Control Room

Citizens interested in serving on the Commission may apply at the City Clerk's office, 715 Mulberry Street.

The Commission meets the first Thursday every other month at 4 p.m. Citizens who wish to present their concerns to the Commission may do so at this meeting or by leaving a message with the City Clerk at 291-4323.

Overview of Services
Waterloo Community Television offers you a wide variety of services.  

1. We post announcements for area organizations and individuals.  Click here for more information.

2. We broadcast sponsored programming on a wide variety of topics.  All programming is subject to the provisions of our Guidelines.

3. We provide training to help individuals and groups to produce their own television show which we then broadcast for free.  For details, click here.

4. We provide video equipment for checkout to produce programming for our channel. For details, click here.

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