Producing your TV Show

Fed up with commercial television?  Do you have an opinion or an idea you would like to share with the rest of Waterloo? Waterloo Community Television provides you with an opportunity to express yourself and your creativity.  Share a recipe, debate issues, create your own sitcom--you are only limited by your creativity.  

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There are two ways that Waterloo residents can have shows air on WCTV.

1. Sponsoring a program.
Programs produced outside the Waterloo area may be eligible for playback on WCTV.  A Waterloo sponsor is needed for every program on WCTV, and permission must be obtained from the show's producers.  For more information, please visit the WCTV Guidelines page on this site.

2. Producing your own program.
This can be a fun and very rewarding experience! Train on our studio equipment to produce your very own talk show, news commentary, sitcom, gardening show, or comedy.  You could also shoot all your video outside the studio, then edit it together into a program. It's your choice. Get certified to use the equipment by taking one of our training workshops, and you're all set to get started. Your two options are:

  • A. Studio productions
    By using WCTV's television studio, certified users have access to a three-camera setup and professional lighting.  The director has a video-switcher, character generator, and CD-player at his/her disposal.  Using WCTV's equipment, all kinds of shows can achieve a professional look and feel.
  • B. Field productions
    A certified person may check out a camera and audio equipment for a field production. Users can choose to edit their video on their own home computer system, or be trained on WCTV's non-linear editing system.  For you budding film directors, this is a great opportunity to create your own short films.


For further information on the rules and regulations for a public access show, please click on the WCTV Guidelines page.