WCTV Program Descriptions

The following is an alphabetical list of programs currently shown on the Waterloo Public Access Channel 17. If the sponsor/producer has an e-mail address and/or an Internet site, there is a link to their site directly following the program description.

A Final Call
(2 hours) Local  Sponsor
Founded by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Final Call offers hard-hitting national and international news and coverage of political issues. It is the official communications organ of the Nation of Islam.

A Just Cause
(30 minutes) Local  Sponsor
A Just Cause is a non-profit organization based on Colorado that was set up to bring attention to injustice that can occur in the United States.  This television program is a way to bring attention to cases where advocacy and balanced justice should be sought.

African American Voices of the Cedar Valley
(30 minutes) Local Producer
A compilation of interviews documenting the African American history of the Cedar Valley.  Accounts of actual experiences told by the individuals who lived through the time.  Stories of what the time was like for them and how things have changed, both for the good and for the bad.

American Songwriter
(30 minutes)
American Songwriter spotlights emerging Bay area songwriters and bands.  Each episode features a single band or performer playing their own original works.  Host Becky Sanders interviews the performers between songs.

Armor of God
(30 minutes) Local Sponsor
Armor of God is a program dedicated to proclaiming the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Free literature and tapes are offered to assist in personal Bible Study.  Questions may be submitted to the Church of God International.
For more information visit their website at www.cgi.org

Calvary Ties
(1 hour) Producer - Rev. J. R. Burt
Weekly sermon brought to you by Rev. J. R. Burt and the Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church.

Cathedral of Hope
(30 minutes) Local Sponsor
The Cathedral of Hope teaches about God's unconditional, inclusive love for all people regardless of their sexual orientation.  The Cathedral is a member of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), an international ministry serving primarily gay and lesbian people.  The Cathedral may be reached for information or counseling at 1-800-501-HOPE or by writing P.O. Box 35466, Dallas, TX 75235.
Their website is www.cathedralofhope.com.

Community Action Today
(30 minutes) Producer - Operation Threshold
A locally produced weekly program focused on community services to low-income families.  Topics include housing, employment, energy assistance, nutrition, etc.  Each week features a guest from various local agencies and clients who have benefited from the services provided.

Cooking with Marie
(30 minutes) Producer - Marie Hejl
I’m not a trained chef, but I do love to cook.  That is the theory behind “Cooking with Marie”.  On each show, our goal is to make cooking an accessible, easy, and fun activity, even if it is your first time in the kitchen.  You can visit the website at www.cookingwithmarie.com

Creating Cooperative Kids - The Parenting Show
(1 hour) 
Creating Cooperative Kids provides education and guidance to parents and professionals of children from 18 months to 18 years of age.  Each episode features parenting experts and step-by-step instructions for parents, grand parents, and educators on raising high self-esteem and cooperative kids.

Democracy Now
(1 hour) 
A national, daily public radio and TV news hour featuring the best of independent journalism.  Carried on Free Speech TV.
For information, contact www.democracynow.org

First United Methodist Church
(1 hour) Producer - First United Methodist Church (Cedar Falls)
This local program features the weekly traditional worship service and is an excellent opportunity for those who cannot make it to church or are curious about the church.
Website address is www.aboutfirst.com.
Email is churchoffice@aboutfirst.com

Focus on Food
(30 minutes) Producer - Northeast Iowa Food Bank
This locally produced weekly program focuses on services provided by the Food Bank to area families.  Topics include nutrition, hunger awareness, food drives, and volunteer opportunities.

Free Speech TV
(varying lengths) 
Creative, exciting, and challenging independent media from the U.S. and around the world.
For information, contact www.freespeech.org

Garden Wise with Arlena
(30 minutes) Producer - Arlena believes that everything is related to gardening and gardening is related to everything.

Get Fit
(30 minutes) Local Sponsor
It is not too late to get fit!  Tips, recipes, and stories on how to lead a healthy life.

Give Me the Bible Series
(1 hour) Local Sponsor
Pastor and Evangelist Kenneth Cox, through the word of God, shows clearly how current events relate to the prophecy for the times we are living.

Glory 2 Glory
(30 minutes) Producer - Earnestine Meakins
Daily scripture readings to enlighten, encourage, and empower with the word of God.  This show is locally produced.

Hen House Studio
(30 minutes) Producer - Harlan Steinberger
A television program that features live performances, video clips, and candid moments from favorite Hen House artists.
For more information visit www.henhousestudios.com

In the Fight
(30 minutes) 
A monthly half - hour program showcasing the latest action from the field.  It includes Soldiers telling stories about Soldiers, creating an accurate, reliable source that will give you direct access to the stories that are happening everyday on the front lines.

Iowan's Who Served the Nation
(30 minutes) Local Producer
The Sullivan Brothers Veterans Museum interviews Iowa veterans who share their story of their experiences during the war they served.

Journey with Janine
(30 minutes) Producer - Janine Ambrosia
A series of programs that support individuals to achieve their fullest potential through breath, knowledge, thoughts, and words.

Link TV - Explore
(30 minutes) 
Features a wide range of topics—from animal rights, health and human services, and poverty to the environment, education, and spirituality. Delivered in short, digestible bites, explore films appeal to viewers of all ages, from children learning about other cultures for the first time to adults looking for a fresh perspective on the world around them.
For more information visit www.explore.org.

Live from Prairie Lights
(1 hour)
Live from Prairie Lights is a reading series or Prairie Lights Books.  We feature local and nationally (& internationally) authors reading from their work.  The subjects vary, but we tend to focus on fiction and poetry.

Midnite Mausoleum
(2 hours) Local Sponsor
MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM is a show full comedy skits that hosts older public domain sci fi and horror movies.

It's hosted by Marlena Midnite and her friends Wolfred (A werewolf/vampire) Franklin (A lab created monster gone wrong) Robyn Graves (Marlena's best friend and the "Midnite Mailgirl") Grimms (The local reaper) and Dr. Thadious Bones (Orthopedic surgeon and aspiring comedian). The shows consist of segments that take place in Marlena's mausoleum, the boneyard and the autopsy room as well as other locales. Our show is a new twist on a genre pioneered by hosts like Vampira, Sammy Terry, Svengoolie, Dr. Creep, Zacherley, The Acri Creature Feature, Crematia Mortem and many others.

Visit www.midnitemausoleum.com for more information.

Music & the Spoken Word
(30 minutes) Produced by - Bonneville Communications
Featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is the number - one rated inspirational and devotional program in the U.S.  It's a half hour of America's most popular choral music, and includes a brief, uplifting non-denominational message.  As a viewer, you come away with a positive thought, as well as a positive feeling.  

Neighborhoods in Action
(30 minutes) Producer - The Waterloo Neighborhood Coalition
A dynamic, locally-produced, community-oriented show on just what the neighborhood associations in Waterloo are up to.

Not Too Stuffy Law Show
(30 minutes)
"Not Too Stuffy Law Show" offer an innovative and entertaining way to learn about the law and how it influences our lives.  The program blends interviews with experts and discussions on case law, sprinkled with humor and comic bits.

Perils for Pedestrians
(30 minutes) Producer - John Z. Wetmore
The voice of pedestrians in a motorized world. John Wetmore of Maryland has given pedestrians a new voice, and spotlights new topics and issues of interest to those who walk.  You can visit the website at www.pedestrians.org.

(30 minutes) Producer - Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars Inc.
A Literary TV program that provides exposure and visibility to emerging and established multicultural writers.  Hosts Gabrielle David and Nathalie Handal conduct insightful interviews with writers and discuss activities from the literary community, with performance by most guests, followed by a question and answer segment between audience members and guests.  You can visit the website at: http://www.theiaas.org/blog/phatitude-tv-show/

Revelation of Jesus Christ
(1 hour) Local Sponsor
Presentations of the Chapters of the Book of Revelation by Kenneth Cox.

Rock N Roll TV
(1 hour)
Rock N Roll TV is an hour long program airing music videos from independent, up-and-coming artists within the genre of rock music from Blues to Heavy Metal.  We also get interviews with the bands/artists as they come through the area. 

Rosehill Church
(30 minutes) Producer - Rosehill Church
A bi-weekly worship service.

Sidewalks Entertainment Project
(30 minutes)
Even though the TV show is not produced in Hollywood or New York, “Sidewalks Entertainment” has been getting interviews from today’s top stars and recording artists

In addition to celebrity interviews, the award-winning program has featured regional musical performers, behind-the-scenes remote segments, and artistic, cultural and novelty acts. Visit their website at: www.sidewalkstv.com/web/

Songspeak Conversations on the Art and Craft of Songwriting
(30 minutes)
Produced in Tennessee MTSU Recording Industry professor Hal Newman and occasional guests hosts interview ASCAP songwriters.

Topics include the process of writing songs, how one becomes a songwriter, tips for being a successful songwriter in the music industry. Songwriters also perform a few of their songs. The programs are recorded in front of MTSU students enrolled in Recording Industry courses. A question and answer session follows each discussion.

Style City Music Presents
(30 minutes)
"Be sure to tune in to Style-City Music Presents for nonstop music videos.  Cause we are bring you some of the best music videos from all over the world.  You'll enjoy a unique blend of Pop, Rock, R&B and other musical styles.  With an occasional guest appearance from up and coming recording artists.

The Apostolic Way
(30 minutes)  Local Sponsor 
The Apostolic Way is a program dedicated to upholding the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles, because only Jesus died to take away the sins of the world.  The program features presiding Bishop Jeremiah Reed of the Christ Apostolic Temple Inc. Fellowship in Des Moines, Iowa.

Visit the websites at www.christapostolictemple.org and www.aontv.com for more information.

The Art of the Ride
(30 minutes)
A show that allows viewers to see step-by-step details of how intricate custom murals and graphics are planned and created on some of the most intriguing vehicles.  Based on the artwork of Richard Markham, viewers will experience professional and educational information about techniques performed, products used, and the time involved in mastering such a skill. Visit Richard Markham's website at www.richardmarkham.com

The Big Show
(30 minutes) 
The Big Show is hosted by Cosmo & Bobo, Acoustic Duo. Cosmo & Bobo have been performing together for over 33 years.  The core of The Big Show is to feature quality musicians from the New England area. Cosmo & Bobo open the show with some comic banter and play a couple of songs. Then the featured guest perform and provide us with a short interview.

The David Pakman Show
(1 hour) Local Sponsor
The David Pakman Show is on over 30 radio and 20 television stations, produced at Pacifica affiliate Valley Free Radio (WXOJ) in Northampton, Massachusetts. The weekly political talk program is into its 5th year, and includes interviews with politicians and newsmakers, incisive analysis, listener phone calls, and much more. Midweek Politics is simultaneously produced as both a talk radio and television program for community television stations and internet distribution.

The Happiness Show
(30 minutes)
Why is happiness so important?  As individuals and as societies, happiness is both our highest goal and an extremely effective means of achieving many of our other cherished goals.  Both as individuals and as a planet, happiness is our ultimate reason for living.  Happiness is really all there is and all there ever will be; all else is only a means to happiness.

The Jook Joint
(30 minutes) Local Sponsor
Host & VJ E.C. Scott uses her knowledge of Blues to help expand visibility of one of America's true original art forms...The Blues.  The Jook Joint works to provide a service to gain exposure for Blues artists.  We love Blues music and want it to flourish.  Visit the Jook Joint at www.ecsproductions.com.

The Power Station Presents
(1 hour)
Christian musicians captured live in an intimate coffeehouse atmosphere. Each episode intertwines music and musicians testimonies of God’s redemption, deliverance, healing and Joy in their lives.

The Reading Lady
(30 minutes)
The Reading Lady is designed to promote literacy for ages 3 - 8.  The show is designed to give parents strategies so they can help their children learn to read and become better readers.  Literacy is a lifelong pursuit.  Reading is an adventure that changes with each new book.  It is a journey that you can take over and over again.  Visit The Reading Lady at www.bananaedproductions.com

The Tall Corn Book Talk
(30 minutes)
"The Tall Corn Book Talk" is a discussion of books from the Heartland with Steve Semken, the publisher at Ice Cube Press, and Nick Bergus the Shelf Life columnist for The Iowa Magazine.  Authors, editors and other guests appear on this quarterly show to discuss their work and pressing issues in the book industry.

This is the Word
(30 minutes) Producer - Ed Loggins, III
A locally produced weekly series in which Rev. Ed Loggins discusses his interpretation of the Christian Bible.

Truly Blessed Ministry
(30 minutes) Producer - Victor Evans
The Evans ministering through music and the Bible teachings.

What Matters Most TV
(30 minutes)
What Matters Most started out as a gentle push to inspire others as they viewed our guests life-changing experiences

The host interviews amazing people from various backgrounds and helps to promote their cause, while simultaneously inspiring our viewer to "be the change they wish to see in the world".  We delve deep within the  lives, beliefs, and experiences that moved out guests to quest for more, become courageous warriors and transform not only their lives, but the lives of others.