We at Waterloo Community Television believe in placing the means of media production in your hands. We welcome all genres of shows: talk shows, news forums, debates, education, religious, short films, sports, or comedy.  So here's your chance to stop complaining about television and to start making it!

In order to produce a program using our equipment, you must be certified.  This can be done very easily.  Sign up for one or more of our workshops and we will take you through all the steps necessary to get familiar with our equipment and to produce your own program.  All training is hands-on. It's fun, it's easy, and no prior experience with video or television is necessary!

Field Equipment (2 hours): 

Cost: $20 per person

This workshop introduces you to the basics of a video camera, tripod, lighting, and audio.  Get familiar with our Canon GL-1 digital video camera.  Learn how to light basic set-ups indoor and outdoor, get good sound, and frame your subject matter.  No prior video experience is necessary.  

dvcam5shadow     tripod6shadow

Studio Production (2 hours):

Cost $20 per person

If you would like to produce a television show, come to our studio production workshops.  Offered every month, the workshops train you on our studio cameras and control room switcher.  Topics covered include the basics of scripting, video cameras, lighting design, microphones, and switcher technology.

studio2shadow     new switcher 

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