Highway 63 Reconstruction, from Franklin to Conger/Newell

This segment of Highway 63 is a two-year reconstruction project to build an overpass over the railroad is expected to be closed until November of 2019. A segment from Franklin to Dane will be completed by the end of this summer. The new overpass segment, from Dane to Newell, will be constructed over two construction seasons – 2018 and 2019.

For the Overpass segment, during the first year of construction, work will mostly be below the level of the railroad and will include the removal of both the railroad bridge and pedestrian bridge and construction of a temporary railroad runaround to keep trains moving across the project site during construction. First year work will also include the installation of a groundwater suppression system and filling the remaining hole from the existing underpass.  First year work across this segment requires the construction of extensive shoring or temporary supports to allow the contractor to work in the existing underpass. At the end of the 2018 construction season, the underpass hole will be filled, the trains will be running on a new railroad embankment.

The second year of construction will involve construction above the railroad including the building of overpass embankments with retaining walls, the constructing of a pedestrian tunnel crossing Highway 63, and the construction of a bridge structure crossing over the railroad. This railroad overpass segment of Highway 63 is expected to be completed and open to traffic in November, 2019.”