Conagra Brands Celebrates Employees' Commitment to Sustainability

Conagra Brands Inc. recently celebrated employees' commitment to sustainability throughout the organization at its annual Sustainable Development Awards, including handing out an award to a Waterloo team.

Held each year, the awards call on employees to submit their innovative ideas for ways to improve sustainability within the company with projects that save energy, conserve water and reduce waste. This year, employees entered 57 projects which drove the following results:

  • Reduced waste by more than 9,200 tons
  • Optimized and improved packaging while using 1,400 tons less material
  • Conserved more than 170 million gallons of water
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5,900 metric tons
Conagra's 2018 winning sustainability projects include the waste reduction and recycling at the Waterloo plant: Seeing unnecessary packaging and product waste occurring during equipment start-up, the project team did a study to confirm the exact amount of bags required to be purged during start-up, saving 225,000 bags of DAVID Seeds per year.