Rehabilitation Services

The City of Waterloo wishes to assist residents maintain and upgrade their homes through our Housing Rehabilitation Program. Our Department assists in preserving and conserving housing, especially in older neighborhoods. We can provide matching financial assistance to renovate or construct rental housing and provide relocation assistance to individuals and families displaced by city housing code enforcement.

What's New?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that it is making millions of dollars in grants available nationally to help eliminate dangerous lead-based paint hazards from the homes of lower -income families. These grants are intended to protect young children from lead poisoning and provide an opportunity for states and local communities to establish programs to control health and safety hazards by assessing and remediating lead-based paint and other related housing health hazards.

Since 1973, HUD has been leading the charge in lead hazard identification and abatement throughout the housing industry. Unsafe and unhealthy homes affect the health of millions of people of all income levels, geographic areas and walks of life in the U.S. There’s no more important mission than to protect our children and give them the greatest opportunity in their lives.

The grant that Community Development will be applying for is the Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration (LHRD) Grant Program. The deadline for Community Development to apply for this grant is April 28, 2016. We hope to know by October 1st whether we were successful in obtaining this grant to assist properties in remediating lead based paint hazards.

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