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Leisure Services has partnered with MidAmerican Energy and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources again this year in the Plant Some Shade program. Trees are available for purchase by MidAmerican Energy customers for $30/tree (Max. of 2 trees/ household). There are a total of 225 trees available this year on a first come first serve basis. Once purchased the trees will be available for pickup on May 3 at Byrnes Park between 4 and 6pm. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to purchase great trees at a reasonable price.

Feel free to pass the attached tree order form on to MidAmerican customers that may be interested.

The order form can also be found online at the following link. Click on Waterloo site and you can find the order form. Within the order form you can click on each of the tree species and get a detailed description of each tree.

Dedicated to improving your life

The City of Waterloo Leisure Services Commission is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens by providing the best possible recreational activities, special events, facilities, and services that encourage lifelong learning, fitness and fun. The Commission strives to provide an enjoyable outdoor environment with top quality parks, preserves, golf courses, recreational trails, and a healthy urban forest resource.


(terms expire 3/1 of expiration year)
Brenda Durbahn (1st term, 2020)
Donald Huff (2nd term, 2019)
Sharon Samec (1st term, 2019)
Brenton Shavers (2nd term, 2020)
Paul Huting (Leisure Services Director)
Steve Schmitt (City Council Liason)
Tom Powers (partial 1st term expiring 3/1/2020)
Jadyn Spencer (1st term expiring 3/1/2021)
Bob Bamsey (1st term expiring 3/1/2021)

For more information visit the  Leisure Services website or contact:
Leisure Services
1101 Campbell Avenue

Waterloo, IA 50701
Phone: (319) 291-4370
Fax: (319) 291-4297

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:00am-4:00pm