Favorite Contractor

My favorite contractor….. Is a professional and has the appropriate insurance, license, and other requirements for the business he is involved in.

My favorite contractor….. Has a number of references that are willing to recommend him as a reliable contractor. He does the project in such a manner that I will be happy to recommend him to a future customer.

My favorite contractor….. is a good listener and a good communicator. He returns my phone calls promptly. Out of respect for his work schedule I keep my calls to him to a minimum.

My favorite contractor….. Does not let me pressure him into a work schedule that he knows he will not be able to fulfill. He explains to me that I am an important customer to him. He explains that my project is one of multiple projects occurring at the same time. Weather and other circumstances requires both contractors and customers to be somewhat flexible regarding project schedules.

My favorite contractor….. Furnishes a clear and concise contract so I know precisely what is included and what is not included in the contract. Neither my favorite contractor or myself like surprises. If changes in the project occur, the contractor promptly provides a written change order detailing the change in the cost of the project.

My favorite contractor….. Gives a fair bid for the work he performs.

My favorite contractor….. Understands that obtaining the Building Permit is the contractor's responsibility. He does not ask me to obtain the permit for him for any reason. He always obtains the appropriate Building Permit and has the Permit posted on the project before work begins.

My favorite contractor….. Takes the initiative to call me and inform me if the start date on the project has been changed from the original start date.

My favorite contractor….. Has an understanding of the background for Building Code requirements. He understands that the Building Code requirements are a necessity to ensure life safety and lasting value to the consumer.

My favorite contractor….. Does not ask for final payment for the project until the final inspection by Building Inspections is completed and approved.

My favorite contractor….. has pride in the service he performs and obtains satisfaction from a job well done and customer satisfaction. May "my favorite contractor" be prosperous and respected in the community where he works and lives. My favorite contractor makes an important contribution to my community.