Demo and Site Clearance

Garage Demolition and Site Clearance

Demo houseCommunity Development Block Grants
(CDBG Funds) can be used to

  • Clear, demolish and remove buildings
  • Remove rubble and debris after demolition
Eligible homeowners must meet HUD income guidelines based on household size. Income from any member of the household who is over the age of 18 will be considered. 

See  the below income guidelines in the chart provided to see if you initially qualify.
80 income

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Demolition and Clearance Process

Code Enforcement or Homeowner contacts Community Development
  • Staff inspects the site; determines need
  • Staff verifies information and income of the household
  • Staff does environmental review
  • Project Estimates are completed
  • Bidding and Contractor Selection
  • Paperwork / Proceed to Work issued
  • Demolition Begins
  • Close out and Final Inspections
  • Evaluation and Monitoring

Community Development and Code Enforcement work together in their efforts to reduce slum and blight and enhance the appearance of neighborhoods throughout the city.