Complete Streets


Complete Streets are safe, comfortable, and convenient for travel for everyone, regardless of age or ability – motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation riders.

A Complete Streets Policy was approved by City Council on June 10, 2013. The Policy received recognition from the National Complete Streets Coalition as a Top 15 policy for 2013. A Complete Streets Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis to implement the policy and provide input into transportation projects.

Find a PDF of the Complete Streets Policy Complete Streets Policy and Resolution here.

Find the August 2018 Complete Streets Power Point presentation to City Council here.

Projects influenced by Complete Streets Policy and Advisory Committee:

The Park Avenue Bike Friendly Corridor

Hwy 63 Enhancements

University Avenue Enhancements

Mid-Block Crossing Light

Way Finding Signage

Sidewalk Policy & Sidewalk Infill

Complete Streets Advisory Committee

Felicia Cass (Chair) - Citizen

Abraham Funchess – Waterloo Human Rights

Aric Schroeder - City Planning

Brian Schoon - INRCOG

Daniel Trelka – Waterloo Police Department

Gregory Young – Citizen, Waterloo Bicycle Works

Janet Buls - Citizen

Jeff Bales - Engineering

Kevin Blanshan - INRCOG

Mohammad Elahi – Waterloo Traffic Engineer

Pat Morrissey – City Council

Paul Huting – Waterloo Leisure Services

Wayne Castle - Engineering

Will Frost - Citizen