Current Projects

The City Engineering Department is overseeing many projects which will take place this construction season. One of those projects is the Street Reconstruction Program. All streets involved with this contract were approved by the Waterloo City Council.

Under this project, the streets involved will be removed completely, with the renewal of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water services (where applicable) and the placement of new curb and gutter and pavement. The length of time that the homeowners on these streets will be inconvenienced is dependent upon the weather and the contractor’s schedule.

Click here to view the Construction Project Sequence from planning, to bidding, to final payment in this PDF.

2023 Sanitary Gatewell Project

Click here to view the Plan Set Phase II Bid Set (pdf).
Click here to view the FY 2023 Sanitary Sewer Gatewell Repairs Phase II Final Spec package (pdf).
Click here to view Addendum NO 1 for Phase II(pdf)

FY 2024 Reconstruction Project
Street From To
Broadway 218 Off Ramp Donald Street
Kingsley Moir Euclid

  • Click here to access the plans for the Kingsley Ave Reconstruction Project. 
  • View a recap of the FY 2023 Street Reconstruction project by clicking here.
  • View a video recap of the FY 2022 Street Reconstruction projects by clicking here. 

Asphalt Overlay Program 
There will be no assessment of costs to the property owners along these streets, as the cost of these projects is paid for with Local Option Sales Tax funds. 

Another major project which the City Engineering Department is overseeing is the Asphalt Overlay Program. This contract will generally involve applying two or three layers of asphalt over the existing street surface. Some existing street surface preparation may take place such as milling, cracking and seating, patching, etc. The first one or two layers will be staged and coordinated with several other streets in the area, so that the process could take up to a couple of weeks. After the application of each of these layers of asphalt, the homeowners in the area will be able to drive on this surface. It will not hurt the surface to drive on it and it will not hurt your vehicle. However, when the third or final layer of asphalt is applied, homeowners will be required to stay off of the surface for approximately 24 hours, depending on the weather and the time of day that the final layer is completed to allow for proper cool down. The contractor will let you know the day before this final layer is applied so that homeowners in the area can plan accordingly.

Click the below document to see what streets in Waterloo are scheduled for asphalt overlay this year. 

2024 Overlays

Street From To
Fletcher Ave Campbell HWY 63
Franklin Train Tracks Dubuque Road
Westfield Ansborough Ave Black Hawk Creek Bridge
Greenhill Katoski Maynard
  • Click here to access the 2024 Asphalt Overlay Plans

FY2025 Sidewalk Ramp  Trail Repair Program