Railyard and Railroad Crossing

Downtown Waterloo Railyard Relocation and Railroad Crossing Improvement Study

In October of 2023, the City of Waterloo with the partnership of INROCOG, applied for the U.S. DOT Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Federal Allocation Grant to relocate the CN Railyard.  Click here to read the Memorandum of Understanding. 

Study PictureThe Canadian National Railway (CN) Railyard in Waterloo, Iowa, occupies a prominent location within the heart of the city. Situated just north of the downtown area between East 4th St and Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, the railyard spans a considerable expanse of land, characterized by a labyrinth of rail tracks and infrastructure.

The study will focus on investigating the railyard, the rail lines leading into the yard, associated at-grade railroad crossings, and their effects on the surrounding neighborhoods. It will be confined to the geographic area bounded by East Donald St, North Elk Run Rd, Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, Franklin St, and East Mullan Ave/US Hwy 63.

In essence, this study represents a comprehensive approach to urban development, prioritizing unity, safety, community, and the public interest. It reflects our dedication to creating a better, equitable future for all Waterloo residents while addressing historical

Click here to review and read the entire grant application along with letters of support for the proposed relocation of the railyard.