Waterloo Whitewater Park

River recreation is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the country and whitewater structures are an emerging trend to provide river-related recreation near population centers. Riverside fishing and habitat improvements are a way to preserve and enhance existing fishing and habitat resources.  Iowa contains low head dams that are obsolete, creating safety hazards and impeding aquatic species migration and promulgations. Diverse communities varying in population and geographic characteristics are turning back to their rivers as a source of recreation, education, environmental improvement, and  local pride. River attractions and parks bring citizens of all ages and across all socio-economic lines. The operation of river attractions and parks around the country has shown that these types of projects provide several benefits including new recreational opportunities, economic stimulus, enhanced aquatic habitat, fish passage, and environmental education opportunities.

CV Foundation AssetsSince the founding of the City of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, the Cedar River has been a key fixture in its community. It has tied the two cities and the region together, serving as a key connector. During much of the region’s early development, the river was seen as a source to be taken advantage of.  For some time, this led to an abuse of this great resource. This project is focused on bringing back and revitalizing the opportunities on and around the Cedar River to create an oasis of opportunity. This project contains multiple objectives designed to enhance the foundational connection between the two cities, the Cedar River. 

The proposed project includes two key anchor projects along with nine total connector projects. In its entirety, the project will be a transformation of a key asset of the region between downtown Cedar Falls and Waterloo. The project is expected not only to be a regional attraction for those looking for outdoor recreation opportunities, but a key driver in future economic growth both privately and publicly for the years to come. The image below provides an overview of the future vision of the Cedar River.Anchor Projects

Destination Iowa GrantRead the draft application for this project here.