Safe Neighborhood Committee

Waterloo Safe Neighborhoods Commission

In 2022, the Waterloo City Council approved the creation of a Task Force on Gun violence in Waterloo. The goals of the committee/task force  is to address gun violence and its causes with the aim of recommending policy for approval to the City Council. Once convened, shall within 12 months return to the Waterloo City Council with a series of policy recommendations that shall be publicly presented. These recommendations must work to solve the short and long term causes of gun violence in our community. You can read the full resolution here. 

Waterloo Safe Neighborhood Commission Survey Flyer 3

The next meeting of the Waterloo Safe Neighborhood Commission will be held on Wednesday,  May 17  at 5:30-6:30 PM at Jubilee United Methodist Church Freedom Center. 

Meetings  held in City Hall or Zoom, will be taped and be able to viewed on the city's  YouTube channel the following day.
View past meetings here.

View past meetings on our YouTube channel by clicking here

Members of the Waterloo Safe Neighborhood Commission:
Chair- Councilman Jonathan Grieder
Vice Chair- Gwen Bramlet-Hecker (Riverview Center)
Michele Feltes (One City)
Teresa Culpepper (Chair of the Human Rights Commission)
Lisa Ambrose
Abraham Funchess (Waterloo Human Rights)
Major Joe Liebold (Waterloo Police)
Dr. Michael Fleming (UNI & Center for Violence Prevention)
Mayor Quentin Hart
Director Kaitlin Emrich (Black Hawk County Public Health)
Dr. Al Hays (UNI and Co-Chair of Iowa Justice Action Network)
Sherice Ortman (Waterloo Community Schools)
Raynelle Walker (Beat the Streetz)