Public Works

The mission of the Public Works Division is to provide the community with the highest quality public services. Our goal is to be pro-active in our approach to expected citizen services while demonstrating decisive reaction to the needs of the City and its citizens.

The Waterloo Public Works Departments is comprised of 79 Employees, across five divisions: the Central Garage; Animal Control Services;  Sanitation Department; Street Department;  and Traffic Operations. These divisions provide specialized community services, efficiently and responsibly caring for:

  • 434 centerline miles of roadway
  • 277 miles of sidewalk
  • Rolling stock (vehicles and equipment), including automobiles, mowers, trucks of every description, snowplows, street sweepers, fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars.
  • Provide fuel distribution including Black Hawk County and Waterloo Schools.
  • Installation of energy saving LED lighting
  • Continuous traffic safety improvements
  • 548 pieces of equipment and vehicles combined
Recent Projects:

  • The Planning, Designing and Construction of the Public Works Building
  • The closing of the Yard Waste Site on Easton Ave. and the opening of the current one on Independence Ave.
  • Traffic Safety Improvements along the Washington corridor from Ansborough Ave. to San Marnan Dr.
  • Taking over Animal Control Enforcement and contracting with Cedar Bend Humane Society to board animals.
  • Provided support for volunteer organizations to clean city roadsides and for Operations Spring Green.
  • Provide fuel distribution including Black Hawk County and Waterloo Schools.
  • All departments provided flood support during the flood of September 2016.
  • Install decorative LED lighting on E. and W. 4th St. in downtown area.

Up Coming Projects:

  • Installing temporary signals at the intersection of Greenhill Rd. and Progress Ave.
  • Installation of signals at the intersection of Dubuque Rd. and Osage Rd.
  • Yard Waste Site expansion
  • Fiber optics installation and traffic adaptive system along the San Marnan corridor
  • Continue to study and update Animal Control Ordinance and public education
  • Connecting the bike trail from Washington St. to MLK Dr by making Park Ave. a bicycle friendly street in downtown Waterloo.
  • To continue Traffic Safety Awareness Campaign with Waterloo public and private schools and the online safety education for elementary students.
  • Continue to update street lighting with LEDs.

Contact Info:
Randy Bennet, Public Works Director:  319-291-4445 ext. 3656
Street Department: 291-4267
Sanitation Department: 291-4455 
Traffic Department: 291-4440 
Animal Control: 291-4440 – Option 4 
Fleet Management: 291-4445

These departments are located at 625 Glenwood Street, Waterloo, IA.