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Water Works Mission

The mission of the Waterloo Water Works is to provide adequate quantities of high-quality water to the citizens of Waterloo for domestic, industrial and fire protection purposes at the most reasonable cost.

Water Main Flushing Program
The Waterloo Water Works ask for the cooperation of all water customers as they start the water main flushing program.  An area of the city will be selected for flushing each week and will be announced on this webpage. The water may be a brownish color during and immediately after the flushing. Customers are urged not to plan a washday on a Thursday. The discolored water is bacterially safe. The discoloration is caused by the accumulation of minerals on the insides of the water mains. A periodic flashing cleans the mains and helps avoid discolored water problems during normal operation. 

  • On Thursday, July 18, 2024, the water mains will be flushed in the area from West Ninth Street to LaPorte Road between Williston Avenue and East Mitchell Avenue.
  • On Thursday, July 11, 2024, the water mains will be flushed in the area from University Avenue to Black Hawk Road between the west city limits and Ansborough Avenue.

Abundant and Reliable Water Supply -
One more reason to locate your business in Waterloo, Iowa
Waterloo Water Works uses 14 wells, strategically located within the City of Waterloo as a water supply. The 14 wells deliver water to the distribution system at 10 source entry points located across the City. The total daily capacity of the water supply system is 40 MGD while the most ever pumped in any one day has been 28.8 million gallons. The average daily water production in 2023 was 12.2 million gallons per day.  To date, no surface level contamination has been detected in any of our production wells.  Our regular water quality sampling monitors these water sources very closely to detect any change in water quality.

Additionally, standby power is available at 4 source entry points and provides a total standby-powered pumping capacity of 19.87 MGD, which is above our average daily demand.   The source entry points are independently operated, with separate pumps, motors, power supplies, and locations that provide a high level of water supply reliability across Waterloo.

For more information about how the City of Waterloo can service your commercial or industrial needs please access the City’s Economic Development web page at the following link: Economic Development

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You can mail your water bill payment to the Waterloo Water Works at P.O. Box 27, Waterloo, IA 50704

Visit our customer service center at 325 Sycamore St, Waterloo, IA 50703

Call us at (319) 232-6280