City of Waterloo Unveils New Logo and City Seal

City of Waterloo Logomark RGBThe City of Waterloo is proud to unveil a new city logo and official seal.  The focal point of the new logo is a stylized letter W which will be featured in a Fly the W community pride campaign. 

City of Waterloo Official Seal RGBThe official seal is a revamp of the existing logo, simplified and resigned to include the iconic 4th Street Pedestrian Bridge.

The Waterloo rebranding project was identified as a critical point in the City’s 2030 Vision & Strategic Plan, formally adopted by the City Council on October 4, 2021.  The goal of the project is to raise the profile of the work the City has accomplished and be a turning point in how Waterloo thinks about itself. 

“Our primary goal of this rebrand is to develop a sense of pride and relationship between residents and the City of Waterloo,” says Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart. “Residents are our greatest advocates and champions. If they are thrilled, they’ll talk about it and share their enthusiasm with friends and family around the country. Fly the W gives them ways to express their pride.”

In addition to reinvigorating community pride, the new branding will be included in marketing to attract businesses, future residents, and visitors by telling Waterloo’s story in new and fresh ways. “Fly the W is about Waterloo building pride in itself,” continues Hart.

According to deNovo, the Cedar Rapids agency who developed the new brand elements, the concept is inspired by the “W” flag that is flown when the Chicago Cubs win a baseball game. Over time, the “W” has come to represent the team itself, and a sense of pride and loyalty.

Fly the W, in this case, means that we are not only celebrating Waterloo’s “wins,” but we are also flipping the script on how we think and talk about the community,” says deNovo President Jen Neuman. “Fly the W is about showing off wins and telling the world that Waterloo is a Community of Opportunity, where everyone can prosper. It will help residents build relationship with their city and empower them as super-fans who fly the flag. And yes, there will be a flag. We hope the City and residents alike to fly it loud and proud.”

The new logo and seal was unveiled at the City’s annual State of the City event which was held on Dec. 1, 2022 in the ballroom of the Waterloo Convention Center from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.