EPA Brownfields Grant

This week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is awarding over $300 million in grants to clean up polluted brownfield sites across the country. The City of Waterloo is receiving a one-million-dollar grant.

This investment through EPA’s Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, and Cleanup (MAC) Grant Program will allow the City to continue transforming once-polluted, vacant, or abandoned properties into community assets, while helping to create good jobs and spur economic revitalization.

“The City of Waterloo is excited to continue our partnership with the EPA cleaning up brownfield sites in our community. Waterloo has seen a tremendous number of smaller business and large site redevelopment in older portions of the community, in large part because of these grants and the private investment they can attract. Thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration, Brownfield site clean-up is allowing us to re-use infrastructure, revitalize older neighborhoods, and restore once-prominent business and industrial districts,” says Mayor Quentin Hart, City of Waterloo.

This grant will continue the work already underway by the City to clean up multiple sites, including many riverfront former industrial locations that can now be used for housing and other projects.

EPA’s Brownfields Program began in 1995 and has provided nearly $2.7 billion in Brownfield Grants to assess and clean up contaminated properties and return blighted properties to productive reuse. More than half of the funding available for this grant cycle (approximately $160 million) comes from the historic $1.5 billion investment from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

To see the list of the FY 2024 Multipurpose, Assessment and Cleanup applicants selected for funding visit EPA’s FY 2024  Multipurpose, Assessment and Cleanup Applicants webpage.

For more information on EPA’s Brownfields Program visit EPA’s Brownfields webpage. 

To see past Brownfield projects in Waterloo visit the website. www.thenewwaterloo.com.