Under the City of Waterloo Ordinance 4064, The Waterloo Commission on Human Rights has the administrative authority to receive, investigate, and determine the merits of complaints alleging unfair or discriminatory practices. The Commission investigates and studies the existence, character, causes, and extent of discrimination in public accommodations, employment, apprenticeship programs, on-the-job training programs, vocational schools, extension of credit, real estate, financial transactions, and housing in the City of Waterloo.

In addition, the Commission can hold hearings upon any complaint made against a person, an employer, an employment agency, or a labor organization, or the employees or members thereof, to subpoena witnesses and compel their attendance at such hearings, to administer oaths and take the testimony of any person under oath, and to compel such persons, employer, employment agency, or labor organization, or employees, or members thereof to produce for examination any books and papers relating to any matter involved in such complaint. The Commission can issue subpoenas for witnesses in the same manner and for the same purposes on behalf of the respondent upon his request. Such hearings may be held by the Commission or by any hearing officer appointed by the Commission.

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