Permit Procedures and Fees

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The City of Waterloo offers one-stop and phased in permitting services.

Building Codes:
2009 International Building Code
2009 International Residential Code
2009 International Mechanical Code
2009 Uniform Plumbing Code
2011 National Electrical Code
2009 International Fire Code

Contractor Licenses:
The General Contractor is required to submit a Certificate of Insurance. All construction contractors, including special trades, are required to register with the State of Iowa pursuant to State law.

Site Plan Process:
For development needing the site plan process, it will go to the Planning Commission and then to the City Council.

The entire process will take approximately 3-5 weeks. - The Planning Commission meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The City Council meets on every Monday except the 5th Mondays of the month. City staff can set dates of hearing simultaneously to help with projects on a shorter timeline.

Building Permit Process:
The building permit process only involves staff review. Exception is "Planned District Developments" which will require the site plan process.

The plans will be distributed to Greg Ahlhelm with the Building Department, who will then circulate to Planning, Engineering, Fire Department, etc

The process is normally less than 2 weeks for review.

Either Greg Ahlhelm or Noel Anderson will provide the company or contractor with "one-stop" permit assistance by serving as the project's advocate.

Plan Review Fee: None

Building Permit Fee Schedule PDF

State Handicap Accessibility Fee: $45.00 U.S.

Right-of-Way Fee: City requires permits to be obtained by the contractor with a Right-of-Way construction bond for excavation or street/driveway construction within public Right-of-Way. Excavation permit is $10.00 U.S. each and driveway permits are $25.00 each.

Environmental Permitting (if applicable):
The City of Waterloo (and Black Hawk County/State of Iowa) is in an attainment area for carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide. Otherwise, the City of Waterloo follows State and Federal Permit procedures.

The State of Iowa Institutes a one-stop air and water permitting assistance to help with expanding or new companies. A knowledgeable staff member from the Iowa Department of Economic will be assigned to this project and oversee the process. Contact Noel Anderson at 319-291-4366 or

  Permit Timetable
 Air Permit  - 30-60 days for non PSD applications
 Water Permit  - Before Discharge Occurs
 Construction Permit  - 90 days
 MPDES Permit  - 180 days
 Hazerdous Waste Permit  - Register w/EPA for small or large quantities. Creating a disposal facility takes three-four years