Public Safety

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Waterloo Police Department - 120 officers

Waterloo Fire Department - 118 fire fighters

The Hazardous Materials Regional Training Center

The City of Waterloo is home to the Hazard Materials Training Center at 1925 Newell Street. The Hazmat Center is a regional training facility for the training of handling hazardous material spills, gasses, etc. throughout the area.

The Center is also home to the Northeast Iowa Response Group. This group was formed 10 years ago and involves numerous counties surrounding the Waterloo community. The Response Group provides member communities with basic hazmat training and is staffed by Waterloo firefighters, who can be called on to handle hazmat incidents in member cities and counties. The Waterloo Fire Rescue Department provides the trained technicians, insurance costs and administrative support out of its own fire department budget.

The Waterloo hazmat team is trained and equipped to handle serious Class A incidents. The Response Groups fees are used to allow Waterloo fire officials to stockpile protective gear and supplies and train member fire departments in basic hazardous materials response.

Fire Insurance Rating - 3