Construction Updates

Beginning Monday, June 13th, the 4th street pedestrian bridge will be closed for pedestrian access for approximately 6 weeks. Vehicular traffic will NOT be affected during this work.
The work will consists of painting the interior of the canopy in preparation of the new lighting to be installed later this fall.

Park Bridge

The City of Waterloo, partnering with the Waterloo Development Corporation, is contracting with Shakespeare Lighting Design and Ritland Kuiper Landscape Architects, for a project to light up Downtown Waterloo bridges, waterfall on the dam at 4th Street, as well as components in the 4th Street Pedestrian Bridge.  These enhancement will help to lighten up Downtown riverfront locations, the pedestrian bridge, and create a new sense of being along the Cedar River.  Towers will grace both sides of the riverfront, to add to the color changing capabilities for Downtown Waterloo and residents to celebrate riverfront amenities, festivities, and attend new and enhanced events in the area.

There are 4 phases for this project:
  • Phase 1: Lighting for 4th Street Bridge and Infrastructure for future phases
  • Phase 2: Light Dam from 4th Street Bridge
  • Phase 3: Two (2) light towers to match Expo Plaza
  • Phase 4: Lighting for future Park Ave. BridgeLighting Bridge Phases