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The City of Waterloo will install donor plaques in the planting beds adjacent to the Sullivan
Brothers Memorial and at either end of the 4th Street Pedestrian Bridge.
Donation Map

Planter PlaquesThe plaque will include a color logo and text prepared by the donor.

We anticipate larger monument markers will be installed at intervals along Veterans Way.

Monument SignsMajor donors will be recognized in text on the monuments.
Donors will be recognized in marketing materials, including an interactive website with a selfguided
tour feature.

Major Donors will be featured in all promotional materials, press releases, and dedication
ceremonies in the fall of 2022.

Click here for a Donor Pledge Form

All donations made payable to the City of Waterloo, Iowa for the Veterans Way
projects are tax deductible. For invoice instructions, or credit card payments
please contact City of Waterloo CFO, Michelle Weidner by calling 319-291-4323
or by email to